#drivinglessons Great day yesterday; good work by Denny and Jack - nearly there now, and Parsla making progress - just wish you could get the Theory Test in Latvian…! Plus, two new-starters booked in - looking forward to meeting Harry and Heather next week!

#drivinglessons Good Monday everyone! Busy day today - looking forward to lessons with Denny, Parsla and Jack and then conducting a mock test for a fellow instructor.

#drivinglessons Great work by Katie yesterday - really coming together now. 1/2 day today, looking forward to seeing Ryan Y and Lauren in a little while before heading off to Southend to see Derren Brown (!) then to Eastbourne tomorrow for a family party!

#drivinglessons Great work by Patsy and Parsla yesterday, both managing to pretty-much nail the reverse left in one lesson! Heading off out soon and looking forward to seeing Patsy (again…!) and Katie. Stay tuned for this week’s Theory Thursday question later on.

#drivinglessons Well, the sun’s out (for now…!) so looking forward to heading out shortly for lessons with Patsy and Parsla.

#drivinglessons Back to work we go (I know it’s a bank holiday but 1’s enough when you’re self employed!). Looking forward to a mock-test with Ryan D and then a lesson with Ben later (starting a little later today than originally planned - hope you feel better soon Alex).

#drivinglessons Another week over (and another month starts!) Great work by Kim this morning, virtually mastered the ‘kerb’ park and awesome stuff from Ryan Y with an almost perfect reverse left on the very 1st attempt! Looking forward to a long weekend now - let’s hope the forecasters have got the weather wrong! Enjoy the jubilee everyone.

#drivinglessons Another fun day yesterday. Great work by Lauren (even if we did struggle to find suitably parked cars to reverse behind…) and Kim - really coming on now! Looking forward to seeing Kim (again!), Nat and Ryan Y today - wonder what the weather will do…

#drivinglessons After a rather grey start, yesterday turned out to be another good one. Good progress by Ryan D, Ben’s confidence growing quickly now (and a nice bit of parking too!) and another good lesson for Nat as well. Not been having much response to Theory Thursday recently so I’ll leave it ‘til later in the day this week.

#drivinglessons Special mentions for yesterday go to Parsla (we got it parked in the end), Jack (really thinking ahead now), Katie (nice parking and good work on show & tell) and the same for Alex (1st time bay parking too!).